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PFI Netherlands – Summer Symposium June 10, 2018

It is with great pleasure to announce that PFI Netherlands will be holding the first PFI Symposium on Sunday June 10, 2018 in The Hague.  A full programme will be made available soon but we are pleased to announce that our key speaker will be Drs. Wilmar Taal who will present his latest book “The Silent Listener – The Life and Works of J.H.W. Eldermans.” 

The Richel-Eldermans collection has captivated many people over the past years, not in the least because of it’s enigmatic name bearers Bob Richel and Jan Eldermans. The collection consists greatly of depictions of sexual magic. It refers to methods which were unknown, still are unknown in the world of sexual magic, but about which has been written with such confidence that a lot of people thought there was something extraordinary going on. Many believed Richel and Eldermans to be a member of a secret sexual magical order. But is that based on truth or myth?

In this presentation you will learn much more about Richel, Eldermans and their fascination for the sexual side of magic, especially the sadomasochistic sexual magic and what inspired Eldermans to his collection of drawings concerning this sexual magic…

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Sabine Wong has also been invited to the Summer Symposium and will be giving a presentation about “Nature Spirits of Iceland / Natuurgeesten in IJsland” She studied Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and this was the subject of her dissertation.

Costs: PFI members EUR 12,50 Non PFI members EUR 15
For more information and to reserve tickets please contact Morgana:

Refreshments will be available.
There will also be a small market and a book-signing session with Wilmar Taal

For more information and updates:


Looking forward to seeing you all!
Morgana & Lady Bara


17th Pagan Federation International Conference, april 22, 2017

17th Pagan Federation International Conference

Saturday, 22nd of April 2017
Ede/Lunteren (The Netherlands)


LOCATION: Ede/Lunteren (the full address will be on the ticket) In the National Park ‘de Hoge Veluwe’ (Right in the geographical centre of Holland.) There is ample parking space.


Opening and closing ritual: Hella Gadellaa en Marinus Kalkman
An earth ritual about Balance, Trust and Harmony. Bring a small symbol to work with.


  • Doors open at 09:00.
  • Setting up stalls from 08:00.
  • From 10:00 till 17:30 Workshops, talks, stalls, drinks.

Meals will be available, salads, various rolls, soup and plate-service etc.        


Guest Speakers: Marian Green, Klara Adalena, Frigga Asraaf, and others.

Music by Tobermore, Irish and American Folk:


Price of tickets:

PFI Members € 22
Non-members € 26
Stalls (per table) € 18 (exc. tickets)

Tickets and tables should be paid in advance to the following bank account number:

Pagan Federation International
The Hague


Please mention in the concept: LUNTEREN … and your name


After you have paid, please send an email with your full name and address and postal code I will send you the ticket(s) by post.

Facebook group:


Contact for information:


Program PFI Conference 22nd April 2017.

Tijd: HALL  2 TENT


          Stage in

            Hall 1 (stands)





Earth ritual about balance, trust and harmony for mother earth.




Klara Adalena Ritual dance, een vurig ritueel.      Abe van der Veen 

  Heksen, weerwolven en andere extatici in de Nederlandse sagen.




Klara Adalena

Vervolg ritual dance.

Marinus Kalkman.

Over de ziel die niet geboren wilde worden.




Hannelore Goos

Roman religion

Barbara Anthonissen

Dwalen door “Andersland “

Cirkelgesprek olv Morgana “Earthday “

Eer de Aarde en zorg voor haar.




Unna Berg / Hera

Mindful dancing.

Hella Gadellaa

Protection and exercises





“ Vlam voor vrede “. Ritueel


Humoristische lezing waarom Odin heden als een God vereerd zou moeten worden.




Marian Green

 Village witchcraft.

De Negen Werelden

Runen:   Tekens in Lichaam en Geest




 Marian Green

Cont: Village Witchcraft



Over de Hebreeuwse Kabbalah en wat je niet in de boeken vindt.



Closing ritual.    
Salads, snacks etc available


20:00 – 22:00 “ TOBERMORE “ Celtic rockband.

Pic credit: Landgoed hogeveluwe by Ahah123456

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